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One and Only anime i watched when i was small haha
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TESTS!.i bet shes having tests too
Thursday. 3.5.09 5:37 am

How to describe a changed cason i actually studied for my tests.!amazing isnt it
Alright.this few weeks, tests keep flowing down!its endless..just have to manage it well doesnt it.its good to have tests to keep me occupied.!or i am going to die
missing terribly.study study study hard.!thats what comes in my mind now.which
is basically not too late not too early.how i wish i would know the importance
of studies earlier on.would be in poly now i guess?

how's you recently,did u eat nice,sleep fragrantly,studied diligently and waiting

one whole load of studies on aerospace~dam tress are free in singapore i guess
they printed one whole bunch of papers and called it notes.~ which i find most of it are pointless.i have to study hard before starting regretting my choice!!
but to enter poly is so hard.!especially to a course i loved~what ever it is
trying my best is the best thing then attaining the things i want.thats it,
the conclusion i got.~i wont want to regret my few years of life back then later.

alright good news over here.!i am going to attachment soon.around august?
yeah thats sounds thrilling it is.!hope i get high marks and enter to the poly i liked.!together with her

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Monday. 3.2.09 6:46 am
Everyone has its own bad.!They pay the prices for their mistakes.
A sacrifice is needed to be everything it is.
Mistakes are a process but denying it is one bad sin.
I'll probably feel better this way,although its tough.
But the future will be better with this choice.
Time may heal all wounds,but not the wound this scene caused.
As this wound will made me remember this mistake forever.
I will grow where i fell.!it might be tough but it may be a blessing in diguise
Our heart has become as one.!!No other has a charm like u that inflect on me!
Hang in there,i will come for you.!Just hang in there
I will, for sure be back with a changed personality for u.!
Tough,hard,sleepless,cant eat.cant study.!but i will try my best
pull myself up!thats a process not the conclusion.may heaven be not blind.
I want to call u so much want to meet you so much!but i know i cant!
i cant be so selfish to you,blame me being selfless


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Wee nights
Thursday. 2.5.09 5:16 am
Wee nights shall only happen when your not asleep.thats basically
what i mean.Past few weeks cant get a decent sleep.what happened.?
is it probably up with my life or something?the girl i believed!!

alright by the way some of my mates got some decent O's grats on that..
So long didnt blog yet finally find time for it,

whats up with me.!!

Still in schooling,studying a thing i like but hoping for a thing that i want.
does happiness things being able to forget that easily?lol
fuck li yun gonna say im emo.!!anyway fuck her!Say no to life~
why are u saying no to me now?!!

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Doing it yourself?
Sunday. 7.27.08 5:48 am
Ever think before that should some things to be undone by
yourself.and practically everything seems like u have to do it
yourself including choosing your own stuffs.Ok got known two mates
they seems to be good at first and turned bad afterall.fucktards?!

you dont know them at first,u ill have a word decent on your head for their
image and when u know them better they step over you?cant believe it lol

Doing something yourself?asking me scold someone why not do it yourself
you are just a shithead in my life lol..=)

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not as good as i really wanted
Tuesday. 7.15.08 12:07 pm
okay.here is something about my results,
a 3 over 4 seems lousy for me...just finished my exams got 3!!!
that was kinda sucks when istudied so many ><
anyway ITE doesnt seems like a bad / gangster school afterall

i came in and i changed alot haha.became good,even study for exam
which was totally unbelievable for my past years.so ITE is not really bad afterall
Okay.~ after talking about mine!seems like my friends in secondary are
having some tough times there,O's level haha..i knew it..
Isnt it?Li yun?lol work hard for O's man or u gonna regret ..

got some fighting training now and so tired out haha..trained so hard =P
whats nice is i felt life began more better and better..

anyway heard something funny about hua min?LOL
can anyone tell me something if u even browse my blog about her?
haha hope hua min dont see this =X
Li yun u are such a dumbass,nudge u no reply..
hope u see this and im gonna tell u ,
lets meet some time real soon..gonna have to crack that
little chinky skull of yours pretty soon..haha cheers..
work hard and good luck for all!!

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Exams?Be it Or Not
Tuesday. 5.13.08 10:08 am
Alright i guess my friends at qtss are relieve that their exam finished..
but not mine..haha mine starting at 3rd june..and guess what, im
already preparing for it now.and i am currently studying hard for
those god dam GPA's..

I am kinda eager to see what type of humorous results will li yun get.lol
got to have a day to laugh my ass out before my exams shouldnt i?

Ok..everything seems fine to me at the new school.great class mates.
and great teachers too..=) whats best is late??nothing?lol anyone jealous?

I went to boon keng with my class mates during lunch break.LOL..
can't stand these jokers..but they are kinda good dudes..TIRED!!!

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